Paksong Highland Sole Co., Ltd.
Paksong Highland Company Limited is in the agricultural business in Lao People’s Democratic Republic, obtaining an area concession from the Lao Government in the Boloven Highland area, Mueang Paksong, Khwaeng Champasak, Lao PDR. The objective of Paksong Highland Co., Ltd. is to do business in Coffee. The concessionary land obtained from Lao PDR is highly appropriate for growing coffee trees of international standard, since the elevation of the land is above 1,300 meters from the mean sea level, and the average temperature is 19 degree Celsius throughout the year. The soil quality is volcanic, with rainfall of over 3,000 mm. per annum. All these factors are important for growing high quality coffee. The Company aims at developing the area of Mueang Paksong to be the best coffee growing area of the world. The selected strain is Arabica and the total plantation area is 2,400 hectares (15,000 Rai), which is one of the top largest coffee plantation in the world.
Paksong Highland Sole Co., Ltd.
Ban Bangliang,18A Road, Muang Paksong Champasak Province,