Pattaya Nine Remarkable Golf Real Estate (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
The Developer, Jiuzhuo Investment Co., Ltd, is an investment company established in 2013 dedicated to new materials and real estate development projects. Our real estate development services target high-net-worth individuals with overseas real estate investment, travel and golfing holiday lifestyle opportunities. In the past five years, the Thailand overseas real estate investment market has shown a booming development trend. The company fully seized this development opportunity, highlighted the development of key overseas urban projects, and achieved new developments in production, operation and asset management. It has rich experience in the design and development of apartment projects in Thailand, but predominantly focused in the Bangkok and Pattaya areas. The Seven Star International Resort Project and other recent co-developed projects have a highly regarded reputation in the market.
Pattaya Nine Remarkable Golf Real Estate (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
57/19 Moo.8
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