The main business of the company is the design, manufacture, installation, adjustment and sale of the intelligent logistics complete sets of equipment. The company's main products include intelligent logistics convey system, intelligent logistic storage system, intelligent three-dimensional parking system, AGV industrial robots, supply chain software five categories. Intelligent logistic convey system is mainly used as automated conveyor line combined with automation, electrical control, software management and other technology for making the machining, assembling and spraying efficiently and accurately by controlling materials or products in specified location and time in the process of production. Intelligent logistic convey products contain friction conveyor system, skid conveyor system, chain conveyor system mainly and widely used in automobile, medicine, electronic commerce, household appliance, mechanical and other industries. Intelligent logistic storage system is mainly used as automated storage and distributing and sorting equipment combined with racks, stacker crane, automatic conveyor system ,robotic palletizing system, testing system, communication system, automated control system, computer monitoring system and synthesized automated controlling and transporting, pre-automating sorting ,automated transporting and software platform to making the cargo management automated and intelligently. Intelligent logistic storage system is widely used in medicine, food and beverage, cold-chain logistics , electronic commerce and FMGG industries, etc.
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