Orange Crow Co., Ltd.
Orange Crow Co., Ltd was established in 2018 to operate the business of distributing consumer products through online channels. There are affiliated products under the trademarks "Dagokids" and "Cate". Our goal is to deliver quality products to everyone in the family. We understand that choosing products for your family is a delicate matter. Therefore, we pay attention to every step from raw material selection until delivery to the people you care most. Working at Orange Crow is exciting and challenging. We believe in freedom of each individual's thoughts and together with the company’s goal in expanding its business rapidly, this allows our people to grow in many aspects of their career path. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion to perform, and are out of box thinkers, there are real opportunities for you to create your own success story. Join us now to unleash your potential!
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Orange Crow Co., Ltd.
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