Lactasoy Co.,Ltd. is a well established soymilk manufacturer in Thailand with over 30 years of experience in producing high quality soymilk using UHT process. Lactasoy brand soymilk is the market leader in Thailand and the favorite drink of choice of the Thai people. With its nation wide distribution network and efficient operation, Lactasoy produces over 800 millions packs per year . Increasing to serve the increasing demand of the Thai people for its product. It is now operating the latest in packaging technology , using Combibloc from Germany and Tetra Pak from Sweden to provide its customer with the best packaging and trustworthy quality drink. Our winning taste is produced with the dedication of our one and only motto: Only produce from Non Genetically Modified Organism Soybean. Only produce from the best selected variety and fresh whole bean. Guaranteed with 30 years of soymilk-making experience. The FIRST and LEADER of UHT Soymilk in Thailand.
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