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Bancassurance Leadership With Strategic Partners Thai Cardif Life Assurance , the only major life insurance company in Thailand focusing solely on third-party bancassurance business, is offering the Thai market innovative products through its distinguished partners’ distribution channels. Our main mission is to promote simplified and innovative insurance products via banks, financial institutions and other strategic partners. Two financial services groups with a committed vision have jointly created Thai Cardif Life Assurance. One of them is Thai Life Group, the largest locally owned life insurance company with an exceptionally strong and long experience in Thailand. The other is Cardif SA of the BNP Paribas Group of France, the world's leading bancassurance company. Clear Objectives and Market Positioning Clear objectives and policies have been established by Thai Cardif Life Assurance to distinguish itself by clearly positioning as a B2B2C business to promote bancassurance. The use of institutional channels has many advantages over the customary use of tied-agents and sales representatives. Market segmentation and positioning can also be different from past practices in the industry. In a systematic way, Thai Cardif can ensure quality product delivery and customized services that are supported by appropriate technology. Integrated Experiences for Sustainability Valuable experiences were gained by the Thai Life Group through more than 60 years of comprehensive life operations in Thailand. These experiences serve as a solid foundation to extend its business. With international bancassurance expertise and success during the past 30 years, Cardif SA of France became a natural fit to join forces with the Thai Life Group to effectively serve the Thai clientele based on international standards and practices.
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