Pigeon Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pigeon Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is in the Pigeon Corporation Japan. Our company's business is under B.O.I privilege which established in 1997.Our products are breast pad, baby wipes which export more than 95% and certified by ISO9001,ISO14001,TIS/OHSAS18001,GMP Cosmetic,TLS8001.
- Meal allowance - Commuting allowance - Position allowance - Shift allowance - Provident fund - Uniform - Transportation Service - OPD/IPD/Accident Insurance - Company Trip, Year End Party
Pigeon Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
700/103 ม.1 Amata City Industrial Estate (Chonburi)
ตำบลบ้านเก่า อำเภอพานทอง จังหวัดชลบุรี 20000
เว็บไซต์: https://www.pigeon.com/