A-Best Company Limited main objective is to deliver the good quality agricultural produce; Fruit and vegetables to our customer. To ensure that consumers can get a good quality fruit and vegetables the produce has to process through the standard processing. Therefore, the efficient supply chain management is requiring. The management experiences knowledge that collected from the Group's subsidiary, which operates one of the highest trade value Wholesale market of fruits and vegetables companies that establish since 2526 and retails business the set up since 2524 created our management skill in value chain management. Development continued for more than 10 years the company has enhanced its focus on value chain management. Products quality is targeted to meet the international standards. Produce must come from the grower with good agricultural practices - GAP. Grower network is established to jointly develop standards of quality, continuous and sustainable. Together with the postharvest, produce must be process on good practice in food production (GMP) compliance with the intent of A-Best establishment. Competion of our GMP standard packing center is scheduled to be ready for operation in 2554 to fulfill our purpose. We are expanding and want to search for middle and top management executives filling in various positions as follows.
There are currently no positions available.
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