Saeng Thai Metal Drum Company Limited (STD) was established in Bangkok in 1989. As a part of Saeng Thai Group, Saeng Thai Metal Drum Company Limited is focusing on the Steel drums production with high technology. Since then, STD has served customers in manufacturing such as; Lubricants, Food, Petrol sectors, Agricultural sectors, Chemical products and many other industries. In 1994, Saeng Thai Metal Drum Company Limited (STD) moved the factory to Wellgrow Industrial Estate (Bangkok urban area) in order to provide better and higher qualities Steel drums. In 2001, The new office of STD has founded in the center of Bangkok, Silom area, for better service to its customers and better business transaction. Since the needs for Steel drum Usage has continually been increased, STD expanded its production line in 2004 for faster services. Now with the most advanced manufacturing machines in Thailand, STD is the largest Steel drum Manufacturer in Thailand and STD production capacity has reached 1440 drums per hour(6 million drums per year.) To ensure high quality product, since 1997, Saeng Thai Metal Drum Company Limited (STD) was nominated to receive the UN standard on the transport of dangerous goods. Besides in 2000, STD products are certified to be accordance with requirement of ISO 9001: 2008 Scope of supply from Bereau Veritas Certification Moreover, the improvement of Saeng Thai Metal Drum Company Limited (STD) production has been reflected our dedication to STD products as we contantly regenerated machine systems, enhanced KPI (Key Performance Index) of working processes, and started workers policy establishment.
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