Chef’s Choice Foods Manufacturer Co. Ltd.
Chef’s Choice Foods Manufacturer Co. Ltd. was established in 1978 as the first manufacturer of canned coconut milk in Thailand. Our company is well known throughout the world as manufacturer, packer and exporter of high quality food products. At present, the company employees approximately 500 well trained, full-time workers and our quality products are currently being exported worldwide. All Chef’s Choice tropical fruits, vegetables and juices are processed and canned, using the best quality ingredients and the latest technology, to ensure they retain their natural freshness and great taste. We are committed to being a dynamic, market oriented company that offers a wide variety of products including frozen products, such as Frozen Coconut Juice with Meat and Frozen Durian, Rice Vermicelli, Rice Sticks, Curry Paste and Thai Sweet Chili Sauces are also available along with many other types of sauces and food products. Our best selling items include Coconut Milk, Young Coconut Meat, Coconut Juice, Young Corn and Bamboo Shoots. The range also extends to exotic delicacies such as Longan, Mango, Jackfruit, Toddy Palm Fruit, Rambutan, Oyster and Abalone Mushrooms as well as many more.
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Chef’s Choice Foods Manufacturer Co. Ltd.
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