Over 53 years since the establishment of J. Sri Rung Rueng Co.,Ltd. in 1970 the business that started from one single company became a group of companies covering all kind of products and services. Today, JSR Group is one of the leaders of industrial tool supplier in Thailand. We still keep on developing quality resources in order to serve the best to our value customers. JSR GROUP was established in 1987. We are the leader in importing tools from around the world to support factories in Thailand. Our products can be divided in to three main categories, which consist of Cutting Tools, Measuring Tools and Hydraulic & Mechanic Hand Tools. Win-Win situation is our objective. With JSR Group, customers get technology updated and high quality products with reasonable price.
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JSR Group
850/1 ซอย ลาดกระบัง 30/5 ถนน ลาดกระบัง
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