Kyouei Co., Ltd.
Our Service We can provide any service in the field of Process Automation to meet customer needs, such as operation improvement, maintainabilty improvement as well system renovaitons. Business Item : 1. Solution Service in Process Automation Field. 1.1 Engineering (Instrumentation & System Design) 1.2 System Integration. 1.3 Maintenence & Service & Commissioning Support. 2. Trading 2.1 Yokogawa Electrice Dealer. 2.2 Toko-Valex Control Valex Dealer. 2.3 NSE Engineering (Flow Element) And all instruments in PA field. Solution Service ; Control Improvement, Operation Method, Improvement, System Replacement. Consulting service - for Automation, improvement of productivity, revamping control systems, facility investigation for proper maintenance service. Maintenance Service. Over haul Service. Annual maintenance service. Calibration Service. Construction Service. Instrument Electric. Construction for other releted construction Commissioning service - We dispatch skillful Engineer to any where in the world. Who has a knowledge of recent instrumentation technology.
Overtime , Incentive, Annual Life Insurance, Performance Bonus and Annual Bonus.
Kyouei Co., Ltd.
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