Bangkok Weaving Mills (BWM) Group, a major fabric supplier to high-end apparel and home textiles markets, grew from its humble beginning more than 63 years ago into one of the textile industry’s most respected companies, comprising state-of-the-art spinning, weaving, dyeing % finishing facilities and, most recently, cut & sew operations for bed linens. Behind every success story lies a time-proven strategy. Ours is simply based on achieving long-term customer satisfaction through world-class qualities, “quick response” philosophy, and continuous innovation. It is precisely this well-balanced combination which has enabled us not only to survive in the increasingly competitive global market but also to scale new heights and to break new ground in the industry. As we keep reaching for the stars, we need more of the same dedicated pioneers who have made it possible for us to come this far. If you would like to be a part of our team, come talk to us. Before we leave you to ponder over your future, you might be interested to know that we have the best pay in the business.
Final Compensation package shall reflect the successful candidates' track records, qualifications and relevant skills.
There are currently no positions available.
Bangkok Weaving Mills Group
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