AM International Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 with the aim to produce and develop a series of the 19” & 23” cabinet racks & accessories with high quality and a competitive pricing with the know-how from our Australian partner. Today we’ve achieved to be one of the leading manufacturer & supplier of cabinet racks in Thailand and also the regions. We export our cabinet rack through our distribution channel to Australia, Indonesia, Philippine, Singapore, Vietnam, etc. We are authorized distributor of Amphenol Product in Thailand and Amphenol is one of largest manufactures of RF Connectors with experience extending over half a century. Our complete range of RF interconnect products are used in the cellular/PCS, telecommunications, computer networking and instrumentation industries. In additional to the cabinet rack and connector, we also become one of the leading suppliers of cables & connectors and fiber optic in Thailand for telecom, data-com and the networking industries etc.
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