Normeca Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.
Normeca Asia Pacific Co., Ltd in Bangla Mung is a part of the Normeca Group. The group has 11 offices in 9 different countries with headquarters in Norway. Normeca is today one of the leading supplier of mobile and semi permanent hospitals and medical clinics and camps for all types of personnel in the world. In addition to this the company also undertake turn key management of hospitals and camps. The company is now planning to move part of the activity at the headquarter in Norway to Thailand, herby maintenance of the company’s database, preparation of offers/tenders, searching of parties/sub-suppliers in Asia in addition to a follow-up of the existing, and marketing of the company’s products and services in South-East Asia
For all the positions you must have a minimum of 5 - 10 years of working experience, and have exceptional English skills, oral and written. You must also have great working capacity, you can manage several different tasks at the same time and you do not postpone your tasks until the following day. On the other hand we can offer exiting jobs and big challenges in at times very hectic environment. We can also offer good conditions and possibility to participate in foreign operations all over the world
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Normeca Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.
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