About Priceza Co., Ltd. (PricezaGroup.com):
Our vision is to empower consumers to make smarter shopping decision anywhere anytime. We are building an ecosystem where consumers are empowered by information and stand on equal ground with the sellers. We are building a Win-Win Ecosystem for buyers and sellers where Priceza provides a ‘guarantee’ that verifies if the deals on offer from various retailers are as good as they seem to be. On the other hand, we are committed to boost-up sales for Ecommerce merchants/retailers by using performance-based marketing.
Our company operates Priceza which is the leader of Shopping Search Engine and Price Comparison Shopping platform (website & mobile application) for SE Asia Market. The service is operating in 6 countries i.e. Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore
and Vietnam.
Priceza helps consumers to compare prices from the most comprehensive online shopping stores attracting over 8 millions of consumers every month to Search for Products, Compare Prices, and then Priceza drives Real Buyers back to the stores of merchants.
Priceza is a Thailand-based Startup that established since 2010 and grow rapidly. Our Mission is to be No.1 Price Comparison Shopping service in Southeast Asia by providing the most useful information about shopping to consumers anywhere living in this region. Come join us to achieve this mission together!
Our Investors:
Hubert Burda Media, headquartered in Munich, is an international technology and media company with over 540 brands and products that are oriented to the needs of consumers. Burda has 175 million users and approximately 60 million paying consumers. Its commercial success is driven by over 10,000 employees around the world. Burda is active in 19 markets, above all in Germany – where it is one of the countries’ largest media groups – in Europe, the United States and Asia. Innovation is the driving force behind the organization, which builds on its original roots and values as a
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Priceza Co., Ltd.
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