DSPComm (Thailand) R&D company about underwater modems and we are experts in High Technology and underwater wireless communications. We use sound to send data through the water instead of Radio waves. Radio waves do not work well underwater. Due to this reason our product benefits and is useful for underwater wireless communications. Our product is used in industries such as Oil and Gas, Defense, Aquaculture and diving. DSPComm was founded in Australia in 2000 and we have opened a branch in the Thailand Science Park in 2010. The company develops and consults in the underwater communications area and shares knowledge with interested parties such as Universities and other institutions. Visit : Website:
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Dspcomm (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Thailand Science Park - อุทยานวิทยาศาสตร์ประเทศไทย
Khlong Nueng Khlong Luang Pathum Thani 12120