บ. คิวเอ็นโซลูชั่นส์ จำกัด เป็นบริษัทให้บริการที่ปรึกษาด้านการจัดการให้แก่บริษัทชั้นนำต่างๆ Qen Solutions provides professional services in Supply Chain and Operation Management. To achieve the service excellence, Qen is founded on the concept of intelligence, and our associates are the greatest assets of the company. Highly experienced and knowledgeable, our associates possess a wide spectrum of expertise, for examples, Supply Chain Management, Operation Research and Management, Performance Improvement, and Financial Analysis. Most of them either hold a Ph.D. or have been an executive in reputable organizations. At Qen, we recognize practicality. Therefore, our solutions, while taking advantage of expert technique, will be sensible and effective. In addition, we value professionalism and integrity to ensure the best solutions to our customers.
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Qen Solutions Ltd.
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