Horiba (Thailand) Limited
Horiba (Thailand) Limited Horiba (Thailand) Limited is the Thai subsidiary of the HORIBA Group (Kyoto, Japan) which is an international group providing an extensive array of instruments and systems for applications in the following fields of activity: 1. Automotive Test System, 2. Process and environmental monitoring, 3. Medical diagnostics: Automated Blood cell counter and Blood Chemistry 4. Semiconductor manufacturing and metrology, 5. Scientific R&D and QC measurements: Optical/Molecular Spectroscopy, Surface Characterization, Particle size/Elemental Analysis. Proven quality and trustworthy performance have established widespread confidence in the HORIBA Brand. Our growing activity leads us to seek potential candidate for “Automotive Test System” as follow:
- Being involved and supporting sales activities guarantees a diversified job scope - Attractive remuneration packages - Health & Life insurance - Provident Fund - Traveling Allowances and Mileage Allowance
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Horiba (Thailand) Limited
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