Rockertek(Thailand) Co.,Ltd
We are Rockertek (Thailand) Co., Ltd., is the sole local importer and exclusive distributor of supreme quality calibrators under “BEAMEX” brand from Finland.“MEATEST” brand from Czech Republic and measuring instrument under “AHLBORN” brand from Germany. Our products are certified by ISO 9001 and are widely accepted in both local and International markets. Now, we have expanded our products range to serve the markets in Thailand, such as high-quality calibration equipment, dry box, liquid bath, resistance decade, thermo-hygrometer, software, systems and services for the calibration and maintenance of process instruments. Also the products that we supply are certified by ISO 9001. Over 25 years in business, we have been continuously developing our organization and proudly providing high-standardized products and ultimate quality services, including, general products information, just-in-time delivery, post-purchase service and calibration service. Accredited Laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025:2005) No: 0252 under the supervision of TLAS. Inaddition we are a member of the Calibration Laboratory Association of Thailand (CLAT). With our professional services, we can support all such products all over Thailand.
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Rockertek(Thailand) Co.,Ltd
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Sam Sen Nok Huai Khwang Bangkok 10310
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