Bluewave Starch Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, is a new company with the sole aim of producing very high quality Native Tapioca starch and Modified Tapioca starch, for use in both industrial grade products and food grade products. Our plant is located in the Lopburi province Thailand, within an area of over 64 hectares of land wher5e we are able to take full advantage of the locally grown tapioca roots. Current production is 250 tons per day of native starch and 70 tons per day of modified starch.
With the use of "state of the art" modern processing machinery, a highly efficient manufacturing workforce, and a quality control team, second to none, Bluewave Starch Co., Ltd. are able to supply a very high quality product, at a very reasonable price, with prompt delivery, in order to fulfill all the needs of our customers. Our teams are experienced in starch production and paper production.
- Manufacturer of high quality native and modified starch for both industrial and food production usages
- Plant situated in Chaibadal district, Lopburi province
- Plant started operating in March 2011
- Commercially market native tapioca starch to serve industrial market locally and Internationally since May 2011
- ISO9001:2008 certified in September 2012
- Capacity : 250 metric tons per day for native starch and 80 metric tons per day for modified starch
- Current market: Thailand, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Middle East
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