Des creps sur le zinc ltd.
Le petit Zinc@Yenakart is existing for 2 years. It has a Awarded "2014 & 2015 Thailand's Best restaurant" by Tattler. Ranked 130th restaurant in Tripadvisor out of 7000 restaurants. Part of Lonely Planet Bangkok City Guide.
- Social security - Tips and staff food - Holiday during Songkran
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Des creps sur le zinc ltd.
15/1 Yen Akart road, Satron Directions: On Yen Akart, opposite Condo Baan Siri Satron
Khlong Toei Nuea Vadhana Bangkok 10120
15/1 Yen Akart road Directions: On Yen Akart, near soi 1, in front of Mama Dolorès