Stepping into the era of globalization, Avia Group’s businesses have been promising with growing number of joint projects and programmers with International Corporation. More than ever, building trustworthy partnership and maintain fruitful cooperation has become essence to success at Avia Group. Achievement arise among individuals and good team players, this is an OPPORTUNITY where you discover new skills, meeting remarkable people, and gaining worthwhile experience, all are awaited for you at Avia Group.
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บริษัท เอวิเอ แซทคอม จำกัด
19 ถนนพหลโยธิน
Sanam Bin Don Mueang Bangkok 10210
รถประจำทาง สาย 39,185,34,114,356 รถประจำทางปรับอากาศ สาย 39,522,114,543,356,