Rotor Expert Engineering Co.,Ltd.
ROTOR EXPERT Company is fully committed to serving to you for Engineering design with installation and service maintenance with the best heating, ventilating, air condition and refrigeration (HVAC & R) ,for the solution each other and every time as an Industrial, Petrochemical, Marine and offshore.
1.Rotating and static work.
2.HVAC & Refrigeration systems.
3.Construction work.
4.Boiler,Bio mass plant, Power plant.
5.PLC, control system, automation work.
-Design, Installation , Fabrication, Services, Air condition, Refrigeration, Rotating, Balancing, Piping, Boiler , Boiler efficiency, Heat Exchanger, Power plant, Electrical power, Electrical control, Explosion proof , Off-shore, On-shore , Petrochemical, Power plant, Food beverage, Industrial , On site and work shop
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Rotor Expert Engineering Co.,Ltd.
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