Phakacha Engineering Co.,Ltd. was founded on August
2012, with its business focus in the highest quality, services and well-know
Phakacha Engineering Co.,Ltd. is M&E (Mechanical&Electrical) Engineering Services company.
Phakacha Engineering Co.,Ltd. is the electrical power
distribution board, control system and instrument solution provider that
has experienced in control panel fabrication, factory acceptance test
provider, wiring and installation the system, electrical equipment and
control unit , industrial instrument seeking, consulting and calibration with
high accuracy tools.
Phakacha Engineering Co.,Ltd. is the industrial gas, special
gas and medical gas supply system construction provider that
experienced in gas supply piping and tubing system, gas manifold
system, analyzer panel fabrication, flow metering station and experienced
system commissioning.
Phakacha Engineering Co.,Ltd. is the man-power supplier
with the high quality and well-trained staff that makes the company to the
full ranges of services to the customers.
The major mission of the Phakacha Engineering Co.,Ltd. is
the customer satisfaction, either the quality of the products, on-time
delivery, fast after sales service to achieve the company goals.
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