Silicon Craft Technology Co., Ltd.
Established in 2002, Silicon Craft offers novel ASICs for RFID applications which demand high-value added features and superior system performance. Our product’s quality is endorsed by years of experience in design, development, and world-class foundry semiconductor manufacture of linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs). Silicon Craft Technology business offers products and design services through the following business segments: 1> LFI (Living Form Identification) 2> BATI (Business process Automation Through Identification) and 3> SA (Specialty applications). Spring board from our IC and Product design experience SIC presently offers over 10 different RFID ICs and a series of ODM ready-to-integrate RFID transponders. SIC believes in constant innovation and developing smart technology solutions by continuously introducing new products on a quarterly basis. IC design Silicon Craft is Asia’s pioneering fabless semiconductor company with ASIC product design expertise focused on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Our advanced animal RFID transponder ASIC’s are industry leaders for food safety and food traceability applications. Designed with real-world applications in mind, our family of feature-rich multi-purpose RFID IC are used in a broad range of applications including contactless payment, key card access, industrial automation, library, livestock, logistics, and car immobilizer. ODM Silicon Craft through its extensive and well established qualified list of subcontractors has over time developed the competency to successfully ODM transponders within a short turn-around time. Customers have been long benefiting from SICs first hand transponder design know how to tailor suit the end application.
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Silicon Craft Technology Co., Ltd.
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