C&P Lighting Co., Ltd.
We, C & P LIGHTING, have a mission which is to make the world of everyday life visible to all our customers by providing appropriate lighting strategies that help to see things in their optimal way. Making guests living in Hotels as comfortable as possible is an effort we contribute to with our clients. Taking care of one’s body in a relaxing and aromatic atmosphere of a Spa meets our special attention. When invited to a nice Restaurant environment, lighting effort meets with its utmost expectation. Nowhere else is light effects so in demand and important as in the case with Entertainment venues. Residence lighting as well as Outlets lighting each deserves unique attention. All of the above tasks are indeed difficult to satisfy. From our portfolio you have just reviewed, one can see that outlets that we have designed with various light strategies have proven that we are a forerunner on the right track. Last but not least, it is always our pleasure to participate in Special Events which give us opportunities to experiment and apply our new lighting concepts which we will continue to develop at C & P LIGHTING.
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C&P Lighting Co., Ltd.
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