Established in 1977, Dahsin Waterproofing (headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan) is one of the top waterproofing companies. Specializing in medium to large scale of construction roofing and professional waterproofing materials, Dahsin has created an outstanding brand name at the field of waterproofing implementation in Taiwan. To expedite its growth overseas, Dahsin Waterproofing has established its Bangkok branch in 2013 and aims to promote high quality service. With over 36 years of experience and professional teams, Dahsin shifts the best waterproofing techniques and supervising system from Taiwan in order to ensure premium work performance and corporate culture. Moreover, Dahsin targets to build up the customer’s trust and reassurance towards the construction company that we work with.
Salary 18,000~23,000, Year Bonus, National Holidays, Labor health insurance, Company uniform, Occasional staff trip,etc...
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1140 Bangna-Trad Road
Bang Na Tai Bang Na Bangkok 10260