Membership Co., Ltd.
Membership brings together freethinkers for the purpose of kicking ass. The richness and full spectrum of human experience is our single source of motivation. We build ideas, launch our own concepts, and grow them into spiritually and financially rewarding beings. We transform killer experiences into symbolic brands in the field of entertainment, innovative hospitality, music, art, lifestyle, and in the realm of the unimaginable. As a company, we are fluid and we metamorphose constantly. We shed our skin and we evolve. We envision far and we charge forward. We are obsessed with product quality, genuine hospitality, and the vibe that electrifies the customer journey. For Membership it’s not about the size of an idea but it’s about doing something that matters. We dig deep into the nucleus of an experience. Like the executor of a one-inch punch, we bring a fanatical focus with the aim of delivering a colossal impact. Our Projects: • 72 Courtyard • Beam | Dalmation Room • Evil Man Blues • Touché Hombre • Rocket, Lady Brette, U.N.C.L.E.
- ประกันสังคม - ประกันสุขภาพ - โบนัสตามผลประกอบการ
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Membership Co., Ltd.
6 FL Chetchotisak II Bldg., 419/2 Soi Lad Phrao 15, Lad Phrao Rd.,
Chom Phon Chatuchak Bangkok 10900