Welltop Property co.,Ltd.
Welltop Property Co., Ltd. was originated from Welltop Coverage Co., Ltd, a leading company with 6 years experiences of synthetic rubber installation for high quality sports flooring for tennis, basketball, volleyball, sepak-takraw, badminton, and futsal. It was considered my first successful business which brought me a great pride. In my view, each business will definitely have a moment of growth and expansion. Personally, I regard the well-being of family as the vital priority. Despite of the fact that there have been not many ideal residences which can completely satisfy the residents, people are relentlessly searching for them. It is therefore more than a good opportunity for me to develop property business and provide the residents with what they are looking for. I also feel that, with the right direction, we will have peaceful and safe society. Now, my dream starts to bear its fruit. We have founded Welltop Property Co., Ltd., with a clear commitment to respond to the needs of people in different walks of life. Supported by knowledge and experiences from a team of experts from related fields, our ultimate goal of creative development and meticulous care will yield impressive results.
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Welltop Property co.,Ltd.
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