Waf (Korea) Co., Ltd.
Who we are Consist of best technicians of PDO/PLLA/PCL White Medience is the best factory in Korea that produces almost all kinds of PDO/PLLA/PCL Suture with the best technology. Our perfect technicians deal with all processes directly in the headquarters without outsourcing, so we can develop and produce any product customers require. You may feel superior technology of No. 1 manufacturer. What we do Keep leading-edge core technology We also conduct diverse activities so that business partner can grow together with us. White Medience is building and strengthening mutual cooperation to grow together with partner companies. We are moving forward for continuous growth as people and businesses coexist harmoniously. White Medience’s leading-edge core technology through more sophisticated and secure PDO Thread Lifting. White Medience manufactures the PDO Suture Product which is recognized for its safety and effectiveness. We introduce a pioneering product that combines the know-how and technical skills of White Medience which shows simple and cost-effective treatment and fast and reliable effects. We are leading-edge company which has know-how and technology of PDO processing and is exporting to more than 20 countries. Unlike conventional Cog, we have a leading-edge core technology of Deep Anchor with double structure through double cutting. Rapid effect immediately after surgery. You may feel better skin improvement effect after surgery with collagen increases, skin elasticity improvement and whitening. Simple and safe treatment. The most safe grade of plastic surgery allows you to live everyday without scars or marks after treatment.
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Waf (Korea) Co., Ltd.
93/343 ชั้น 6 ตึกc ดิเอ็มโพริโอ เพลส ซอย สุขุมวิท24
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