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Introduction It is impossible to tell what a wine will taste like simply from the label however, it is possible to know what the wine should taste like, and this is what we seeks to address. This course is the first comprehensive guide to all the essential know-how you need to handle wine with confidence. We are bringing together expert advice from leading wine educators in Thailand. It explains everything you need to know about wine style, wine region, grape varieties, making wine, food and wine, assess wine, how to buy, sell, store, taste and most importantly, enjoy wine. None like the other wine courses. We will immerse you with the world of wine giving you real life experience outside of the classroom through various activities and outing with exclusive network of people. We are proud to provide you the knowledge and expertise required to appreciate wine as a fascination subject and, of course, as a versatile, complex and enjoyable drink.
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Wine and Spirit Education Co., Ltd.
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