Deborah Services, the most dependable and trusted name in Multi-Discipline Contracting is fully committed to a long term future in Thailand. Our aim is to provide a first class Multi Discipline work force. This being, our personnel will not be limited to one trade but will be capable of competently carrying out multiple disciplines such as Scaffolding-Insulation, Insulation-Protective Coating, Scaffolding- Abrasive Blasting, or Protective Coating –Fireproofing or any combination there of. This focus is based on the philosophy of maximum efficiency in the use of human resources which is particularly important in Offshore situations where accommodation is at a premium and the logistics of providing all required support trades is substantially more of a challenge than in an Onshore workplace. To this end we are currently double skilling personnel and have used this technique successfully over the past 25 years in Thailand. We are a leading provider of multi discipline industrial services to the petrochemical and fabrication industries both on and offshore. We specialize in in the provision of manpower, plant & equipment service supply for abrasive blasting, industrial coating application, industrial insulation, passive fire protection (PFP) and the provision of British Standard scaffolding materials and construction methods. Current projects in which we are supplying services include offshore platform fabrication, modular plant assembly and offshore construction and maintenance. Please peruse our website and feel free to contact us with any questions or project enquiries. Welcome to Deborah Services ….
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Deborah Services (Thailand) Limited
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