Thai Ohnishi Co.,Ltd.
Ohnishi Netsugaku Co.,Ltd. was established in 1947 based on technology of cryogenics.Over the long time Ohnishi Netsugaku has gotten good reputation in the comprising performance test laboratories for Air conditioners, car Air conditioners, Refrigerant Compressors, Heat Exchangers and so forth. These are Known generally as ''Calorimeter''. Up to now,
Ohnishi Netsugaku Supplied a balanced ambient room type calorimeter to The Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning IndustryAssociation (JRAIA), also supplied an air enthalpy test method calorimeter for packaged air conditioners. These calorimeters are taken as the national standard of performance test laboratories for air conditioners in japan. Moreover, Ohnishi Netsugaku has exported many kinds of test laboratories to the Southeast Asian countriess, China,taiwan,Korea,Scotland,Spain and USA.
  • - Social Security Fund
  • - Group Insurance
  • - Diligence Allowance
  • - Traveling Allowance
  • - Yearly health check up
  • - Company Trip once a year
  • - New Year Party once a year
  • - salary increase once a year (based on performance)
  • - Bonus once a year (based on performance & Company profit)
Thai Ohnishi Co.,Ltd.
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