Raylinka Co,Ltd.
Raylinka is the branch of the Dragon leader Corporation China that running the international trading on special project we already buld the new factary as branch in Thailand already, and wanna more Powerful-young-thai join wihth us as new colleuges. if you r surching a new job, try to contact whith us. marketing translater-chinese driver 瑞玲卡公司是中国龙瑞达集团分公司在泰国的分公司,我们以全世界性的国际贸易为主,我们近期需要招聘泰国员工作为我们的新同事,如果您正在找工作,请联系我们。 市场部 翻译部 司机助理
supply dormortry 提供和住宿
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Raylinka Co,Ltd.
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