RPSGi is a technology solution and services company situated in Makati, Manila, Philippines. We are specialized in providing entertainment and turnkey platform solutions to our clients and partners. We are a fully licensed company that are always on the look out for great talents to join our FUN but HARDWORKING team. RPSG Inc. is the Online Entertainment and Technology Division of our Group's diversified businesses, spanning across the region for the past 10 years. RPSGi - Brighter Life Initiative RPSGi is committed to having a positive impact on our local communities. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we hope to do our part to make the lives of our fellow men Better and Brighter and aim to create a positive impact on the communities in which we work. This is what RPSGi stands for and we are proud of our staff members who share the same values. RPSGi - Commitment to Diversity Our philosophy on diversity is a practical one. It simply makes good sense to attract, retain and leverage a diverse team of employees who reflect the communities in which we live and work in. We believe that we should hire, develop, reward and promote our people strictly on the basis of their talent, commitment and the results that they achieve. At RPSGi, our Sustainability program is focused on being Better Tomorrow Than Today! Join us now and be part of something amazing!
We are very particular about the type of personalities that we hire. The people we seek are those whom are self motivated and with lots of passion in what they do. We place high standards in the expectations of each individual because we want our staff and team to grow with us. You are expected to be FUN but also HARDWORKING! Anything less is not acceptable.
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