Above Diamond is a Bangkok-based fine jewelry startup with a single focus - to massively enhance the experience of buying an engagement ring. We combine the best bits of e-commerce – incredible choice and lower prices – with the best experience of old-school personal service. That means engagement ring buyers can either work with our knowledgable jeweler to create their own completely bespoke engagement ring, or start with one of our classic engagement ring styles. Here are our 5 core values: 1. Loyalty 2. Harmony 3. Extreme ownership 4. High performance 5. Continuous improvement
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Above Diamond
229 ถนนเฟื่องนคร
Wang Burapha Phirom Phra Nakhon Bangkok 10200
- MRT สามยอด เดิน 400 เมตร - รถเมล์สาย 1 ป้ายเจริญกรุง 1 เดิน 200 เมตร