Wellion Commerce & Trade Co., Ltd.
Wellion Commerce & Trade is a Thai import and export trade and e-commerce company established in September 2020 with a registered capital of 4 million baht. Wellion has registered for value-added tax, and has been legally registered with the Thai Ministry of Commerce Development, the Ministry of Health FDA, and the customs department, and has the legal qualification to import and store dietary health care products. The company's main business is sports and fitness equipment, dietary supplements, and health care products. Its main business channels include Shopee, Lazada, JDC and its own independent station. The company started from the beginning, and under the impact of the new crown epidemic, it did not give up lightly, but adhered to enthusiasm and persistence, adjusted and optimized its business strategy, and enriched the vertical categories of sales products. In July 2021, the company launched its comprehensive sports goods store Wel Store, which integrates one-stop services such as sports nutrition, dietary supplements, daily nutrition and health care products, fitness shakers, accessories, etc., gradually transforming from a single operation structure to a composite operation , continue to bring excellent and unique products to the Thai market, and brand awareness has been continuously improved. In April 2022, we successfully cooperated with the internationally renowned brand Nutrition Depot for sales, and took a new step in expanding 2B sales.
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Wellion Commerce & Trade Co., Ltd.
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