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WE SOUNDTRACK CO LTD., is the exclusive reseller of AV Synchronization licenses by Epidemic Sound in Thailand. Epidemic Sound is a NEW type of music company founded in Sweden. You may have heard Epidemic Sound's music on Spotify or Apple Music, or at H&M or IKEA but definitely also on TV/HBO/Netflix etc. Epidemic Sound is growing at an incredible speed, and with the largest and most up-to-date selection of music under Direct Licesning in the world, Epidemic Sound is now the global market leader in unrestricted music. Epidemic Sound commission tracks exclusively from their roster of signed artists for their catalog, carefully designed to soundtrack stories in social media, TV, OTT, advertising, games, audio books, apps etc. and with particular focus on deep clearing of music rights for maximum legal safety. As a tech company, Epidemic Sound is much more than music; it's a business solution helping content providers increase the quality of their content, maximize their revenues and reduce their legal risk. Almost every platform is now becoming rights-managed by automated systems. This means that content producers will need music for which they can control monetization rights and many also need API based solutions for automated safelisting of their content. Epidemic Sound's new licensing model Direct Licensing is a way to help clients monetize 100% from their content without take-downs or music-rights owners claiming revenues. It also helps to protect brands from having their social media stories interrupted by bumper ads from rival brands. Inclusion of Public Performing Rights helps avoid hidden or future costs to performing rights organizations (like MPC in Thailand for example), and cue-sheet reporting is not needed. Epidemic Sound's music is royalty-free in the only true sense of the word; accomplished by Epidemic Sound being the single rights-owner of all music rights. Learn more and
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We Soundtrack Co., Ltd.
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