C&P Lighting Co., Ltd.
C & P Lighting Co., Ltd, is one of a leading lighting company in country which we're providing commercial customer a lighting solution. Our customers are top brand name of shopping center in Thailand, many 5 stars hotel chain all over the world, retails, restaurants, offices as well as marketing agency. We supply innovative lighting solution to many projects and properties. and in this solution we refer to not only a tangible products but intangible service such as installation , design and consulting of lighting issue. We've establish in Thailand more than 20 years and we've a branches in Taiwan and China too.
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C&P Lighting Co., Ltd.
75/54 ชั้น 16 อาคารริชมอนด์ สุขุมวิท 26
Khlong Tan Khlong Toei Bangkok 10110
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