We are Welbilt Foodservice group to be the leading manufacturer of Foodservice. Our product ranges are kitchen equipment, cold room, refrigeration equipment, display showcase, convenience stores display cabinet and etc. With production, distribution and factory authorized service agents around the world, you can trust Welbilt Foodservice to help keep your operation running smoothly. Manitowoc Foodservice operates in 38 locations in 12 countries serving customers in 100 countries around the globe.
- Meal Allowance for Normal Working Day - Meal Allowance for OT in the holiday - Meal Allowance for OT time. - Provident Fund - Diligent Allowance - Annual Bonus on Condition - Monday to Friday of Working Day & Saturday.
Welbilt Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd.
Head Office 67 Moo.10
Non Hom Mueang Prachin Buri Prachin Buri 25000
ใกล้สี่แยกวงเวียน ค่ายนเรศวร (ห่าง 10 กม.) อยู่ถนนสุวรรณศร ห่างจาก บจก.แอลไพน์ 2 กม. (ซอยวัดทุ่งตะลุมพุก)