Sales (Industrial Machine and Tools) [T01181]

Assistant Sales Manager (Machinery Manufacture)[T0923]

Programmer (Fibers and Textiles Maker) [T01145]

Quality Control Engineer (Gateway city I.E/ Automobile Part) [T01288]

Sales (Manufacturer of Diamond Construction Tools) [T0790]

Design Engineer (Automotive) [T01117]

Production Manager/ Shipping Process (Glass Product) [T01231]

Assistant Service Manager (Machinery Manufactures) [T01282]

Account Manager (Recycling PET) [T0677]

R&D Engineer (Electrical Parts (PCBA))[T0843]

Sales Engineer (Soldering Metal Products) [T01313]

Electrical Engineer (HV Substation / Construction Project)[T0856]

Senior Application Engineer (F.A Manufacture) [T0872]

Sales Engineer (Machinery Manufactures)[T0959]

Document Controller (Quality Management System) [T01019]

QA Engineer (Industrial Adhesives and Seal Maker)[T01234]

Purchasing Engineer (System Engineering Company)[T01239]

Import Section Manager (Forwarder) [T01309]

Mechanical Design Engineer (Car and Motor Cycle Parts) [T01111]

Regional Representative (Manufacturer of Diapers)[T01151]

Technical Assistant Manager (Fire Alarm Systems)[T01110]

Mechanical/Maintenance Engineer (Chemical Factory)[T01125]

Electrical Site Engineer (Railway Construction) [T01134]

Sales & Marketing Engineer (Chemical Products) [T01126]

Sales Engineer (Industrial Product Tools and Material / Bangkok) [T01132]

Purchase Staff (Wire Harness Manufacture) [T01136]

Sales(Wire Harness Manufacture)[T01137]

Sales Coordinator (IT Company) [T01179]

Robotics Sales Engineer (F.A Manufacture) [T01144]

Sales Staff (Chinese Speaking/ Industrial Material)[T01146]

IT System Engineer (Implementation)[T01152]

Sales (Precious Metals Material / Processing / Processing Device)[T01157]

Sales Staff (IT Company) [T01154]

Senior HR (Steel Trading Company)[T01173]

Sales Support (Industrial Machine) [T01176]

Technical Engineer (Industrial Machine) [T01177]

IT System Engineer(IT Company) [T01180]

Sales Coordinator (Machinery Manufacturers)[T01182]

Civil Engineer (Construction Company) [T01183]

Sales Executive English Speaking (Electronics Device Manufacture) [T01189]

Site Engineer (Engineering Company) [T01213]

Accounting Staff (Raw material Trading Company) [T01196]

Sales Coordinator (Steel Material Trading Company)[T01204]

GA.Assistant Manager/ Manager (Japanese Factory)[T01206]

Shipping Coordination Manager (Glass Product)[T01209]

QA Staff (Manufacturer of Sticker and Label) [T01308]

ERP Functional Consultant [T01274]

IT Engineer (Spring Manufacture for Automotive, Electric Product)[T0210]

Piping Engineer (Engineering Company)[T01212]

Mechanical Engineer (Engineering Company) [T01211]

Assembly Engineer (Automotive Parts Manufacture)[T01316]

R & D Supervisor (Manufacturer of Diapers) [T02229]

R & D Assistant Manager (Manufacturer of Diapers)[T01230]

.NET Programmer (Fresh graduate welcome / Samut Sakhon)[T01265]

Sales Staff (Manufacturer of Dticker and Label) [T01291]

Accounting Assistant Manager (Production Outsourcing Company)[T01242]

Marketing, Sales Support (System Engineering Company)[T01237]

General Manager (Sales and Service for Machining Centers) [T01252]

QC Engineer (Mech/Elec/Piping Engineer) [T01238]

Sales (Prachinburi / System Engineering Company) [T01240]

Application Developer (JAVA) [T01273]

Sales Manager (Medical Products) [T01243]

General Manager (Electronic Parts Sales) [T01246]

Sales Executive (Glove , Automotive Trading) [T01312]

Production Supervisor (Japanese factory at Rayong) [T01247]

Mechanical Engineer (Factory Automation Machine Manufacture)[T01248]

Sales Engineering S. Executive/Assistant Manager(Electrical Product Maker)T0304

Sales Support or Senior Sales Support (Electrical Product Maker)[T01302]

Sourcing Manager (Consumer Electronics & Air Condition)[T01257]

Assistant Technical Sales Manager (Consumer Electronics & Air Condition)[T01258]

Technical Engineer (F.A Manufacture) [T01259]

CG Design and System Administrator (Game, Animation Production Studio)[T01261]

System Administrator (Game, Animation Production Studio)[T01262]

Software Engineer (PLC/FA) [T01267]

Assembly Engineer (FA Machine) [T01266]

พนักงานขายเบ้าหลอมโลหะ 304I.P [T01268]

M&E Design Engineer (FA Machine) [T01269]

Purchase Staff (Electrical Parts)[T01271]

Sales Coordinator (Trading Company) [T01307]

IT Infra Engineer [T01275]

Senior JAVA Programmer [T01276]

Sales and Marketing Assistant Chief (Automotive Components/ Rayong )[T01278]

R&D Engineer (Electrical Parts PCBA) [T01287]

QA/QC Supervisor or Assistant manager(Wire Harness Manufacture)[T01279]

Senior Sales Assistant (Electrical Product Maker) [T01301]

Sale & Marketing Staff (Bearing,Pulley Bearing,Constant Velocity) [T01286]

Production Manager/ Shipping Process (Outsoursing) [T01289]

Production Engineer(Manufacturer of Sticker and Label) [T01292]

Accounting Assistant Manager (Mold Manufacturing Company)[T01295]

Lighting Sales Asistant Manager (Electrical Product Maker)[T01303]

R&D Applicator Flavor Supervisor /Chief(Manufacturing of Fragrances)T01305

IT Programmer and IT Support (MS Access / Wire Harness manufacture)T01306]

New Model Staff / Automotive (Manufacturer of Sticker and Label)[T01310]

New Model Staff / Document &Tooling (Manufacturer of Sticker and Label)[T01311]

IT Programmer (Automotive Parts Manufacture)[T01317]

Sales Support Staff(Trading & Service Provider)[T01315]

IT System Design Engineer (Automotive Parts) [T01318]