AT A GLANCE The Prodigy is a young energetic professional services company, providing skilled business and IT resources as an integral part of our customers’ success. WHY THE PRODIGY? Trust For over 15 years, we source talents (brilliant people) to our clients across the Asia pacific region in various industries including IT, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Healthcare and Real Estate. Our purpose is to support our clients in achieving successfully their business objectives by delivering expertise, collaboration, and resourceful management guidance. Knowledge Innovation cannot be driven by technology alone, at The Prodigy we ensure our people stay abreast with the latest technologies and most advanced business practices through a continuous knowledge-transferring program. This is a unique value proposition to ensure your business always stays ahead of competition. Partnership Strengthening our partnership with our clients is at the heart of our business. Your success is our success. To meet our clients’ long term ambitions, we give them the required tools to respond more intuitively to fast changing market dynamics. To our customers, we are more than a business vendor, we are a lifelong business partner.
- Five-day work week - Flexible working hours - Housing allowance - Overtime pay - Travel allowance - Work from home - Laptop Allowance - Diligent Allowance
27,37th Floor, 98 North Sathorn Road
Si Lom Bang Rak Bangkok 10500
BTS ช่องนนทรี