Trax Intertrade Co., Ltd. is a company under umbrella of Liberty Inter Group where over 30 years of experience manufacturing quality sportswear for teams and retailers, Liberty Inter Group has built a reputation of being one of the fastest and highest quality standards manufacturer while maintaining a customer centric services to its clients. Liberty Inter Group was established in 1982 with initially only 50 employees. Today we have continued to grow successfully with operations coverage thru out ASEAN, which includes Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia, allowing us a production capacity of 3 million pieces per month.
We are a well-established sportswear supplier for numerous world-class brand names. We have factories in 4 countries with sufficient capacity to serve markets from Europe, USA, Asia, South Africa, and Latin America. We have a complete in-house garment manufacturing production process from pre-production processes to post production processes.
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Oct 11, 2019
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